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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

I learned very early on that change is the only constant in life. At a very young age, I changed countries, culture, school and friends. Downgraded from a comfortable lifestyle to living pretty much hand-to-mouth. Moved from a free and liberal place to a rather suppressive society where at the time young girls were harassed and working women were looked down upon. Left my childhood friends to meet people in my own home land who I could not understand and comprehend, let alone connect with.

Shifted from a safe haven to a city where bombings, killings and robbery were a norm. Where I would go to school every day knowing that I might not return back home.

What it taught me was resilience; the inner strength to keep going come what may. The determination and courage to fight back, the agility and flexibility to embrace change, the self belief and optimism to make this world a better place. And most of all, compassion and empathy; for myself and others.

I had a strong conviction there would be a day where I would be making this world a better place, in my own capacity, leveraging my own skills, sharing my own experiences.

If I can empower one person to grow and succeed, the ripple effect that I might never know of, makes it worthwhile thousand times over

And 31 years and 6 months later, Direction Dose was born.

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Official Biography

Samia Marketer Founder
ICF and other accreditations

Samia Hasan is the founder of Direction Dose – a career coach, entrepreneur, trainer and speaker. She’s a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and International Professional Certified Coach (IPCC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). After completing her MBA in Marketing, she started her career with Procter & Gamble, world leading FMCG organization.  She worked her way up as a Senior Regional Brand Manager, working on some of P&G’s billion dollar brands for 9+ years. Throughout this time, she experienced tremendous learning and growth, extensive exposure and travel, managed a huge business with multiple geographies and teams, until she discovered ‘coaching’ as her true calling. Having lived in the UAE for more than 20 years during different stages of her life, she witnessed the country’s remarkable growth and the limitless possibilities it offers. She is well versed with the dynamics of the region, multi-cultural diversity and the unique challenges faced by millennial executives and entrepreneurs. At Direction Dose, Samia genuinely and compassionately empowers millennials to excel in their careers and businesses, enabling them to unlock their true potential and achieve their goals.

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scorpio zodiac

Fancy Labelling

I’m a Scorpio born in October. According to MBTI, I’m an ENTJ – Highly extroverted, intuitive, strategic thinker with decisive capabilities. According to ME, I’m a lot more than that 😉

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Family Life

This guy I’m married to is pretty awesome, no wonder I said yes a week after we met. My beautiful daughter is cuteness personified. She’s also beginning to lose her mind as she approaches the terrible twos.

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Secret Wish?

One day I will learn how to sing and dance like a pro. You. Shall. See

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What makes my day?

Meeting interesting, fun people. Having dark chocolate ice cream (just one scoop ok!), two back to back amazing tracks on the radio (not Justin Beiber plz!), going to the beach (but not getting tanned), cooking deliciously healthy meals.