Career Growth

Career Growth

Below is a guideline on what the coaching program would look like to set your expectations and provide clarity. This is not carved in stone, the relationship I have with each client is unique and tailor made. We design our sessions together where mostly the client sets the outcome of each session and is committed and accountable to deliver the results.

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Career Growth

Want to turbo charge your career to get that awesome role you have been eyeing on? Want to become an effective leader and team player to deliver stellar results for your organization? Or are you looking to transition into a new job or role to jumpstart your career? If you want your career to take off with a bang, this is the program for you.

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Step I

Define a clear and compelling vision of what you want

First things first, you will help yourself get absolute clarity on your vision and outcome. We will discuss what results you expect from career coaching and how would success look like for you. Leveraging NLP tools, we will nail down your vision with precision and then help you break down that long-term goal into, smaller achievable tasks. Painting this well-defined picture would help pave the end in mind and be the starting point of all the great work we will do together.

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Step II

Get clarity on who you are at your core

There is limited influence you can have on the external world – the economy, your company, your manager. However, there is entirely 100% influence you can have over yourself. What better way to accelerate your career other than personal development and growth? By truly knowing your beliefs, strengths and skills, not only can you leverage them better, it also gives you immense power to direct and influence your career the way you want.

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Step III

Overcome your fears and limiting beliefs to get into the success mindset

Nothing succeeds like success. For you to truly embrace this mindset, you need to clear out the fears, inhibitions and preconceived notions that are holding you back. You are not the only one, we all have them. The ones who succeed are the ones who accept their vulnerabilities, because only when you do, you can choose which ones are really limiting that you need to turn around in your favor. As Brene Brown says, vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.

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Step IV

Embrace change by learning how to be agile and adaptable

We live in a VUCA world where change is the only constant in our lives. Whether you are changing roles in your company, getting promoted, switching jobs or your entire career, embracing this change is one strength that will go a long way. We will use breakthrough NLP tools to shift your mindset of resisting change to one that accepts change in an adaptable manner. You will learn how to be flexible and agile to make the most out of this change. You will receive ongoing support during this major transition in your career.

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Step V

Market yourself by defining your own unique, personal brand

Finally, we will work on the most interesting and fun part of the process – defining your unique and authentic personal brand. Do you often find yourself stuttering and stammering when someone catches you off guard and asks ‘tell me about yourself’? It is extremely critical that you package your strengths and skills in the most compelling way that communicates your journey, your story. Leveraging my brand management and marketing experience, I will ask powerful questions for you to craft your brand story strategically, and explore how it will come to life. Concretely, you will create the following tangible tools:

– An effective Elevator pitch that always hits a home run during interviews and networking events

– A super stunning and polished Resume/Cover letter

– The art of influencing and negotiating the right package