There are about as many definitions of a coach, counselor, therapist, consultant or mentor as there are grains of sand in the universe. The distinction is often blurred and largely depends on who you talk to. First things first, let’s get the cat out of the bag: For you to seek coaching, you don’t need to be a brainsick lunatic or mentally retarded. You can be a perfectly normal human being who is doing well in life and wants to do even better. It is not a woo-woo world of healing and fixing. Coaching is a process of self-discovery, led by the client and facilitated by the coach who empowers the client to discover the answers they need to achieve their outcome. Unlike counseling, coaching isn’t too interested in the past. Instead of where you have been, it focuses more on where you want to go and how to get there. Hence, coaching is essentially results-focused. It enforces accountability and commitment from the client’s end. It is a team sport where the client and coach work together to achieve the results. It is a unique partnership and a tailor made relationship between client and coach.

Only you can put the price tag on a product or service depending on the value you derive from it. It’s all relative. For me, personally, seeing a coach was a life and career changing experience. (Read more here). If you are a go-getter who values learning and growth and wants to accelerate his career or business, then hiring a career coach will be highly instrumental. Those who have experienced the excellent results of coaching, vouch for it whole heartedly. People today are more open to the idea of being in charge of their own lives. Coaching helps them do just that.

There are few career choices today, which can be quoted as fairly recession proof. Coaching is one such profession. In fact, recent reports suggest that coaching is the second fastest growing profession in the world, estimated to be a 2-billion-dollar industry, next only to the IT industry. And considering that coaching in a formal manner is a rather recent concept, this speaks volumes about the advantages that coaching offers. According to the ICF (International Coach Federation) life coaching statistics: people who have worked with business and personal life coaches have found greater levels of self-awareness, better goal setting techniques, achieving results by realizing their maximum potential, more balance in life and a satisfying quality of life.

Success doesn’t come walking at your doorstep, you need to go out there and get it. If you truly want ‘thrill’ in your job, you will find a way to get it. How do I help? In my opinion, job skills are easy to match; it is the character that is usually the hardest element to marry with the right job. People who fail at certain jobs rarely do so because of a skill deficiency; it is a mismatch of character that causes it. I help you get the match right, not only in terms of strengths and skill set but also with the right character and personality profile. You will maximize your chance of success at work when you are thrilled to be doing what you love. You spend way too much of your day at work to treat job satisfaction as insignificant to your life.

  • Look for the right credentials. Ideally, the coach you work with should be a member of either the ‘International Coach Federation’ or ‘The International Association of Coaching’ and abide by the ethics and guidelines of the profession.
  • Choose a coach who specializes in the chosen field or area of expertise. If they are a business coach, look for the specific training and certification they have in that area, backed by solid, credible professional experience in the field.
  • Once the basics are done, explore the chemistry – the energy, character and connection. Before you meet, check out their online presence and aura to see if it appeals to you. When you find someone you click with, you know it, you hear it and feel it. Most coaches offer free sample sessions or introductory phone calls so you can get to know them better and ask any questions before signing up.
  • Design the coaching partnership together. Think of a strong relationship you currently have in life and reflect on what are the factors that make it so special. Try bringing those elements into your coaching alliance as well.
  • Be clear on your outcome; vague outcomes lead to vague coaching. Having said that, a good coach would know how to elicit a well framed outcome from you. This should be the first step in the coaching process.
  • Ask the coach for testimonials, call up their clients and ask about their experience with the coach.
  • Your coach should be totally committed and present in the session. If you feel the coach is distracted by other tasks and not focusing on their paid client, share feedback and find another coach.
  • Share ongoing feedback with your coach about what’s working and what could improve.

Wikipedia says “Millennials (also known as Gen Y) are people born between 1980s to around 2000”. However, there is no general consensus on the exact years so don’t fret about being too old. If you are a proud selfie taker, a multi-cultural zombie who values self-expression, freedom and flexibility, and if you have been through multiple recessions in your lifetime, you can call yourself a genuine, authentic millennial.

That is for you to decide. I do not work with a minimum number of sessions that you must commit to. Usually, it takes anywhere between 8 to 10 sessions over a period of 2 to 3 months to see visible, tangible results. But, it could be less or more, depending on your unique situation and desired outcome.

To the society, may be. To me, absolutely not! We can conduct sessions over Skype/phone anywhere in the world. I’m trained to leverage different coaching tools and techniques depending on whether the session is in person or over the phone.

If it is successful, which it will be, not only you but your whole world will know about it because you won’t stop raving the awesome results. We will discuss the progress and share feedback as we go along so we can tweak it as per your needs.

Definitely, I encourage all my prospective clients to first schedule a sample session where we get to know each other, see if we are a good fit and design the partnership together. My clients generally start off the day by jumping off their bed, enthusiastically looking forward to our sessions and end the day smiling and laughing looking back at our fun, deep, highly stimulating conversations. To book a free session, click here.

That would be a bright idea. Contact me and I will put you in touch with them. You can read a few testimonials here.

Yes, I deliver workshops and motivational talks at various millennial forums. Let me know what specifically you have in mind and I can customize my talk as per your needs.

For sure. My Pleasure. You know my contact details by now.