I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Samia at a pivotal inflection point in my career. As I sought to both define and refine my next best career move, she systematically helped me to assess my strengths and opportunities. Samia has the ability to understand you as a person, and remind you of whom you really are again. Samia is full of life and a very positive individual, she will dose you with a perspective you never thought could materialize within your capacity. Samia is caring, passionate about what she does and extremely professional. She will offer you a perspective you never even thought about, and open your mind to other possibilities, and give insight to your personality + career and give you ideas that with some effort can turn into solutions.

Rabiya Ghanchi
Marketing Manager – Shan Foods Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.


Samia is an energetic and caring coach. She takes her clients to the essence level and co-creates with them from this rich place. One of her strengths is being able to establish strong connections through which she enables her clients to discover their highest potential and achieve their career aspirations.

Ebru Goksu Yildirim
Life, Relationship Systems and Personal Branding Coach (BEc, PCC, CPCC, ORSC)


Samia is an extremely smart person. After sharing a course with her, I realized how fast she thinks and the way she uses a lot of techniques to help people. I had the opportunity to be an observer in one of her coaching sessions, and I could see her skills to progressively lead the moment until customer’s satisfaction towards the success. It was very nice to meet you Samia, thank you for sharing your knowledge and great ideas.

Dario Curcio
Coach and NLP Practitioner

Asha Sathe

Samia was one of my team member during our NLP Professional Coach Training that we recently went through. I had a privilege to be in her team for our final assessment. At our final assessment she was my coach and as a client I experienced that Samia had a natural talent to coaching by listening and being empathetic to people. I was able to confide in her due to her approach and during the session where she applied appropriate tools, she facilitated my experience of opening my map to seek multiple choices as opposed to my previous state of mind that was unable to find choices. I believe with her strong people skills and an aptitude to apply NLP learnings, she will have a successful career in Coaching. Wishing her once again all the best in her Coaching profession!

Asha Sathe
Cummins ME – HR Function


It was wonderful meeting a professional career coach like Samia. I had always thought that I was always on track with my career plans and what I would be doing in the next 5 to 10 years, however after a session with Samia I became aware of so many factors and hurdles which I may have subconsciously ignored as I was only looking at the outcome of my plans and not the processes which will lead me to the final stop. It was great experience that enlightened me on my own weaknesses and helped me to identify what and how of my skills and thinking I need to improve on, I am also grateful to Internsme for providing me with the training and development courses which has helped be in a better position than I was before.

Muhammad Abu
HR Specialist – InternsME.

Sadia Saqib

I would like to thank Samia for a truly stimulating and eye-opening coaching experience. Her patience and understanding helped me find so many answers from within – I feel much more empowered. She did a wonderful job and I will recommend her to millennials especially in this region. I didn’t understand the beauty of coaching until I had this life-changing experience with Samia. She’s the best!

Sadia Saqib
Supervisor, Home Finance Ops, Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC

Ryna Ghazi

I met Samia on an NLP course we were both a part of. We immediately connected on so many areas of life! She is extremely confident, approachable, cheerful, and without a doubt someone I would recommend as a coach. Samia takes the time to understand an issue, and will make you think deeply and carefully about how to achieve your goals. During our coaching sessions, Samia was quick to consider all options surrounding the goal I wanted to achieve. She asked a number of powerful questions, enabling me to think of my goal in an achievable way. Samia provided confidence to my somewhat hesitant thoughts, which really encouraged to think I am capable of pursuing my dream. Throughout our session, Samia has remained consistent, professional and has the ability speaks to my inner belief. A fantastic friend, and an extremely competent coach!

Ryna Ghazi
Teacher Trainer (UAE Ministry of Education) and Communications Coach


My experience with Samia’s Career Coaching services was sincerely positive and I am extremely grateful to have been able to call upon her assistance. Having not known her very well prior to our meeting, Samia was able to have conversations with me that clearly outlined the value that she can add. Samia not only demonstrated her expertise and professionalism to me, but her explanation of her services provided me with enough trust to invite her to deliver value to a hand-full of university students that our company, InternsME, has been training. Though most students have encountered a typical school-provided guidance counselor or career counselor in their studies, few have the opportunity to weigh out their true motivating factors and map out a meaningful, fulfilling path with a professional such as Samia. Although the university students’ training program was a pilot for our company, InternsME, the students expressed such a deep level of gratitude and value for Samia’s services that she will surely be invited to act as the commencement guest coach for all of our programs to come.

Steven Basse
MBA, Employer Alliance Manager at