Startup Series Workshop 2017

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or in the early stages of cracking your startup? Get ready to roll up your sleeves and participate in an interactive and engaging 5-module workshop series at Impact Hub Dubai. Learn how to take your business from just a random idea to a well thought through, professionally crafted business plan that is ready for execution and funding.

Module 1:  Goal Setting and Idea Generation, Jan 23 | 7 pm – 9:30 pm
Module 2:  Value proposition mapping, Feb 13 | 7 pm – 9:30 pm
Module 3:  Business Model Canvas, Mar 1 | 7 pm – 9:30 pm
Module 4:  Craft your marketing plan, Mar 13 | 7 pm – 9:30 pm
Module 5:  Bringing it all together – Get your pitch deck investor ready, Mar 29 | 7 pm – 9:30 pm

Registration – You can register for the overall series or just an individual module

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Personal Branding

Craft ‘the awesome real you’ online and offline. Every blog post you write, every picture you upload, every tweet you send, every status update you share, builds your personal brand. Plunge deep into your core and experience an inner shift by becoming more self-aware on your purpose, values, beliefs, strengths and opportunities. Explore what you are most passionate and motivated about that would strike a chord with others and design your brand experience around it. Discover how to invent and re-invent yourself. Learn how to package your strengths and skills in the most compelling way that communicates your journey, your story.

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Business Strategy & Plan

This workshop is about translating vision into action. A business plan is your road map. It outlines where you want to be, how you will get there and what resources you will need along the way. Learn how to outline your business strategy that helps you achieve your growth target, allocate resources and enable decision making. Create a winning and profitable business plan that starts with defining your laser-sharp and focused ‘target audience’ crafting a unique brand identity, promise and character for your business that appeals to your audience, and finally developing your powerful and compelling marketing story that never fails to close the deal.

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Situational Leadership

The famous phrase ‘One size does not fit all’ is as apt to leadership styles as it is to learning and development. As a leader and manager of a team, learn how to adjust your leadership style to fit the development level of your reports and colleagues. Situational leadership teaches you how to effectively adapt your style for maximum influence and results, depending upon the individual’s competence, experience, personality and context. Effective leadership varies, not only with the person or group that is being influenced, but it also depends on the task, job or function that needs to be accomplished. Learn how to harness your team’s spirit, energy and skills in support of the organization values and goals.

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Impactful Public Speaking

Great content means little to nothing if it is not packaged and presented in an engaging way. As we apply breakthrough NLP techniques, you will discover how to design your talk stepping into your audience’s shoes. This would mean crafting your content with your audience in mind, using auditory skills to deliver the message effectively, leveraging your body language while assessing non verbal cues of the audience and designing compelling slides and visual aids for your most impactful talk ever. You will present a couple of times during the workshop and learn how to turn even the driest, most mundane information into an intriguing and dynamic presentation. We will work one-on-one using various tools to help reduce presentation fears and stresses. You will overcome negative thoughts and step into the most confident and authentic you, delivering your message with poise and power.

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Effective Business Writing

If you had the super power to let your boss know exactly what you wanted to say, and for him to understand it exactly how you meant it to be – wouldn’t you solve half your problems? Effective communication is creatively transforming your message with your audience in mind in a compelling way that gets across. Discover the secret to developing impactful business communication that immediately draw readers in and keep them interested to continue until the very end. Earn credibility and get the results you want from colleagues, clients and top management, as you creatively express yourself with clarity, conviction and style.